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Ruth Mansell Ryan
(603) 534 2023
10 Vaughan Mall
Suite 207A
Portsmouth, NH 03801

I have a diverse group of clients and here are some of their comments.

The R's have it! For Baby Boomers this was reading, riting and rithmatic (it's no wonder they were baffled by the new math, they were seriously rhyme and spelling challenged). I'm talking about the R's of today - The Rest and Recuperative Relaxation of a Ruth Ryan massage. Not only can you be assured of an intensive, thorough massage from head to toe, Ruth will tailor the session to meet your specific needs, spending extra time and care on those areas of the body that are particularly bothersome in the hopes of lessening the discomfort of chronic issues by increasing circulation and stimulation. If this weren't enough, you may receive a Radical hair Red-do in the process!!
Suzanne, Portsmouth, NH

I didn't realise that I was carrying so much tension in my shoulders. Ruth has really helped to work that out and I shall be back again soon to make sure i don't get that tight again.
Michael, Londonderry, NH

I have ankylosing spondylitis in my lower back and I'm generally very tight throughout my whole back. My husband has not been able to help me much as he doesn't seem to know the difference between a bone and a muscle. Ruth has been able to stop that pain cycle and make me feel sooo much better. I see her about once a month to keep things under control and she also helps me with the occasional flare up. Things have been so much better since I teamed up with Ruth.
Carol, Dover, NH